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Are you considering putting your accommodation up on Belvilla? Then there are a few things you have to take into account. Think of commission, pricing and legal requirements. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know. Read it carefully to make sure you’re well-informed when registering your property.


Because you’re renting out your home through a third party, you have to pay commission. The percentage of the commission depends on the country you live in and the kind of property you want to rent out. It can range between 10% and 25%. The commission you pay is used for the following:

  • Placement of your property on the Belvilla website
  • Promotion through Google and other search engines
  • Commercial and technical advice from our specialists in your area
  • 24/7 online support, through email and phone


Together we determine the basic price for your holiday home in advance. This is based on various factors. If your holiday home offers special facilities, such as a swimming pool, whirlpool bath or a large garden, you can ask for more. Belvilla has access to the prices of 50K houses and can determine the right price based on this information. We do this on the basis of similar houses in the closest possible surroundings.

In addition, Belvilla works with dynamic pricing. This means that we allow the price to rise and fall variably - to a certain extent agreed in advance - depending on market demand. A large event, for example, can cause the price to rise sharply and it's nice if you can go along with that and get the optimal rental price.

Property Details and Listing

When you list your property on Belvilla we need some information on your property. We need:

  • Information on the layout of the property. How many bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets are there and on which floors are they situated?
  • The address of the place and if it’s easy to reach by car or public transport.
  • An overview of the facilities and amenities your home offers.
  • One or more high-quality photos of the place.

Manage your Property

Belvilla can arrange everything for you. From advertising to the cleaning of your home and from receiving guests to the complete rental administration. You can access everything via your personal online account 'My Belvilla'.

If you would like to receive guests yourself, then that is also possible of course. Make sure that your house is always tidy and has freshly made beds. Do take away too personal items, such as photos and clothing. A good first impression is very important. Also make sure there is enough coffee and tea in the kitchen and that there are enough toiletries available. You can also welcome your guests with a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates to give them a warm welcome.

Are you unable to welcome your guests or clean the house after each stay? Then you can choose to have a caretaker take care of all this. You can search for them yourself or ask Belvilla to take over. We offer professional management services called Property Management Services.

Check-In/ CheckOut Process

Make it clear to your guests where and how they can check-in, especially when you’re not able to welcome them in person. When this is the case, send them a message or call them after their arrival to welcome them to see if there are any questions.

Checking out is usually easier and more straightforward than checking in. If you’re not able to see your guests off personally, be clear on the time they’re supposed to check out and where they should leave the key.

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